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Peanutty Crafts

Peanuts aren’t just for snacking! They can be used in various craft projects as well. With endless imaginative possibilities, we’ve developed a few crafts to get you creative juices flowing.

Peanut Butterfly Craft

Peanut Butterfly

Summer is a time for colour and creativity! Did you know, no butterfly has the same wing pattern? How will you make your beautiful butterflies stand out?

Peanut Spider Craft

Peanut Spider

These creepy critters are a great family activity and are a spooky decoration to scare off the ghost and goblins on Halloween. How many trick-or-treaters will they scare at your house?

Peanut Butter Jar Jack-o-Lantern

Peanut Butter Jar Jack-o-Lantern

Get crafty with your empty peanut butter jars to make a spooky "jar-o-lantern".