Peanut Butter Jar Jack-o-Lantern

Get crafty with your empty peanut butter jars to make a spooky "jar-o-lantern".

Peanut Butter Jar Jack-o-LanternMaterials:

Empty peanut butter jar
Orange tissue paper
Black tissue paper
White glue
Sponge brush


Remove the label from the empty peanut butter jar and wash thoroughly. 

In a small bowl, mix equal parts white glue and water.

Cut orange tissue paper into small squares or strips. It is okay if they aren't uniform. 

Using a sponge brush, spread the glue mixture onto the jar working in small sections. Arrange a layer of tissue paper on the wet glue layer, and coat with more glue to seal. Repeat this process until the jar is completely covered, overlapping pieces to add texture. 

Using scissors, carefully cut out a jack-o-lantern eyes and mouth. Lay them on centre of the jar and seal with a layer of glue. 

Once dry, place a small battery-operated candle inside to add a spooky glow.