Merchandising Tips

Canadians love peanuts, especially the high-quality, value-packed product from the sunshine states of the U.S. south and southwest. Canada remains the largest single country importer of U.S. peanuts, accounting for well over three-quarters of all peanut volume and value.

The peanut/peanut butter market in Canada is relatively mature, with consumption levels resembling those of the United States. Annual per capita total consumption (shelled edible basis including peanut butter) is three kilograms or six pounds. That’s a lot of shells to be cracked, and the alert retailer, food manufacturer, and foodservice provider can benefit from Canada’s love of peanuts.

Merchandising strategies to maximize returns

  • Display peanuts close to the checkout: As an ideal snack food, they’re often bought on impulse
  • A natural fit in the produce department: Display with fruits and vegetables, offer peanut butter samples as a special attraction, as allowed by senior management
  • A plus for generating incremental ethnic food sales: Cross-market peanuts with international foods. They are an important ingredient in Asian and Latin cuisines
  • Holiday baking attraction: Cross-market peanuts in the baking aisle to increase impulse sales
  • Think beyond the holidays/outside the box: Fresh, convenient, NUTritious and completely portable, peanuts are a popular and healthy snack year-round, deserving prominent display



According to a 2024 Erickson Research poll, 58% of Canadians consume peanut butter at least once per week; 14% eat it daily.