Peanut Butterfly

Summer is a time for colour and creativity! Did you know, no butterfly has the same wing pattern? How will you make your beautiful butterflies stand out? 


Whole peanut in shell
Construction Paper
Craft wire
White glue


Carefully open peanut, ensuring each half shell is intact.

Colour the outer surface of each half shell with marker and let dry. Set aside.

With scissors, cut a small square piece (approximately 7.5 cm x 7.5 cm or 3" x 3") out of construction paper.

Fold construction paper in half. Using pencil, lightly draw half of a butterfly, starting from the paper crease, and making sure the centre of the butterfly is not longer than the length of the peanut shell. With scissors, cut along pencil outline and discard remnants.

Unfold butterfly cut-out. Cut a small length of craft wire (approximately 10 cm or 4") using sharp scissors. Fold craft wire in half and bend each end into a loose spiral, creating antennae. Apply a generous amount of glue to the top centerfold of the butterfly cutout and affix antennae.

Cut various shapes of construction paper in various colours to create patterns for the wings and, with glue, affix cut-out shapes to wings.

Generously apply glue along the edge of one half peanut shell. Place half shell centred on one side of butterfly cutout and let dry. Generously apply glue along the edge of the second half shell and affix centred on the opposite side of the butterfly cutout and let dry.