Consumer Research: Food waste – The biggest loss could be what you choose to put in your mouth

peanut fieldWhen it comes to protein sources, using agricultural land for producing beef instead of plant-based crops results in a food loss of 96% per unit of land. This means that the potential gain from diverting agricultural land from beef to plant-based foods such as peanuts for consumption would be enormous. When it comes to plant-based protein, peanuts are an excellent source, having more protein than any other nut with levels comparable to – or better – than a serving of beans. Full article here.

In addition to saving on food waste, peanuts save on water waste: peanuts are the most water efficient of all nuts, using only 4.7 gallons of water to produce one serving (1 ounce) compared to almonds, for example, which use 80.4 gallons per ounce. Worldwide peanut production contributes to just 1 percent of the global water footprint, which is the measure of water used to produce goods and services. Full article here.