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Sheet pan simplicity

Easy and delicious one-pan meals for fall.

Health News: How to take a bite out of stress

Food should not be a source of stress, rather one of your stress-reducing tools. A healthy and balanced diet will do your body good on the stress scale, but there are some specific things you should look at adding to your diet that can help ease tension.

Nutrition News: Meat-heavy, low-carb diets can ‘shorten lifespan’: study

According to a new study, low-carb diets favouring animal protein and fat sources are associated with higher mortality; those that favour plant-derived protein and fat are associated with lower mortality.

Consumer Research: Snacking continues upward trend for Canadian consumers

The results are in: according to a recent report, Canadians are snacking more between meals. Check out the stats on when and why we're reaching for the munchies.

Marketing and Merchandising: How to feed the health-conscious tailgater

Tailgating season is upon us, but consumers are craving healthier options to munch on during the game. Find out how peanuts can fit into the mix.

Allergy Update: LEAP, EAT and Beyond

Dr. Andrew Craig looks at what happens next with the ground-breaking peanut allergy studies LEAP and EAT.

Marketing and Merchandising: Peanuts are the food of the future

Peanuts may be vital in feeding the growing planet in an economical and sustainable way. Learn how peanuts perform in wellness, environment, innovation, food safety and community.

Consumer Research: Food waste – The biggest loss could be what you choose to put in your mouth

When it comes to protein sources, using agricultural land for producing beef instead of plant-based crops results in a food loss of 96% per unit of land. This means that the potential gain from diverting agricultural land from beef to plant-based foods such as peanuts for consumption would be enormous.

Allergy Update: Two factors working together help to reduce peanut sensitization risk in infants and possible later allergy

Dr. Andrew Craig looks at the two-pronged approach to reduction in child peanut allergies, including both maternal consumption of peanuts while breast feeding and direct introduction of peanuts to infants in the first year of life.

Tasty, healthy and vegetarian

Get some Meatless Monday inspiration to kick off spring.

Health News: Heart health linked to nutty snacks

Adding peanuts to your shopping list is a great way to take care of your heart. According to a new study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, eating nuts regularly can help prevent heart attacks and strokes.

Consumer Research: New food trends include eating more plant-based protein

We're hooked on this year’s plant-based food trend – are you? The protein profile of peanuts makes them a perfect fit for a plant-based diet and more Canadian consumers are making veggies and plant-based proteins the star of the plate this year.