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Emerging retail trends – what consumers are looking for and how retail can deliver during the holiday season

It’s a crucial time for Canadian retailers and they’re looking to make an impact during the key holiday shopping period, especially now that pandemic restrictions have loosened in many Canadian regions.

Promoting peanut products during the holiday season

The holiday shopping season is now in full-swing! To encourage consumers to keep peanuts and peanut butter top-of-mind for holiday cooking and baking, the Peanut Bureau of Canada (PBC) is executing three holiday social and digital programs.

Key strategies for marketing and merchandising this holiday season

Lockdowns and retail closures last year forced retailers and foodservice into a holiday season that was anything but normal for many Canadians. This year, with COVID-19 restrictions loosening in several provinces, the industry can expect evolved consumer holiday experiences.

Nut consumption associated with better survival among long-term breast cancer survivors

A recent study found high nut consumption, including peanuts and tree nuts, is associated with overall survival (OS) and a reduced risk of disease recurrence in people with breast cancer. Researchers examined the association of nut consumption at 5-year postdiagnosis with OS and disease-free survival (DFS) among breast cancer survivors.

New study finds link between daily consumption of peanuts and peanut butter, and cognitive function in young adults

A new study has found that daily consumption of peanuts and peanut butter may improve cognitive function and stress responses in young adults. The study looked at a “group of 63 healthy people aged between 19 and 33, who included a regular portion of peanut products in their daily [meals].” 

Health & Wellness News: Healthy hits the spot – Innovative new products answer consumers’ call for better-for-you snacking options

With the world more focused on individual health and wellness than ever, Canadians are demanding healthier, 'better-for-you' snacks. Categories including 'snacking fruits, nuts and seeds' and 'puffed cakes' grew by 15% and 18%, respectively, in the past year.

Allergy Update: Early introduction of peanuts – How and when to introduce peanuts to your baby

The global pandemic has created serious issues when it comes to seeking health care guidance and advice. Among the concerned are Canadian parents, who are skeptical about introducing peanut protein to their babies, especially if they’re high-risk or fearful of the possibility of allergic reaction. 

Consumer Research: Peanuts and sustainability – Good for our health, communities and the planet

Recent research shows that the pandemic shifted Canadian consumers’ preferences. Emerging from the pandemic, consumers are demanding food companies take action to reduce the impact of the sector on climate and waste, and improve sustainability along every point of the supply chain.

Nutrition News: The critical role of the humble PB&J

It’s no secret: the COVID-19 pandemic has shaped food industry trends for the better half of the past 18 months, evolving consumer habits and attitudes across the globe. We see this in the increased demand for comfort and nostalgia. At the core of the pandemic, the classic PB&J was a comforting, convenient and nutritious option.

Peanuts and sustainability: Good for our health, communities and the planet

While peanuts and peanut butter are delicious additions to many dishes and snacks, many Canadians aren’t aware that these nutritional powerhouses are some of the most sustainable ingredients available. They’re not just good for our health, but also for our communities, and our planet.

Peanutty recipes for summer

Check out this collection of sweet and savoury, peanut-inspired recipes for the summer season!

The year we fell in love with peanut butter again

As the pandemic disrupted Canadians’ lives, from leaving schools and offices, to staying home for days at a time and stockpiling necessities, data shows that peanut butter emerged as a go-to pandemic staple. It was in our pantries in a year when we needed comfort, familiarity and health the most.