Canadian media get a taste of peanuts – and southern charm – on Georgia peanut harvest tour

newsarticle2On September 22 to 24, 2011, the American Peanut Council hosted Canadian editors from magazines such as Canadian Family, Homemakers, Canadian Living, Food in Canada and Western Grocer, along with some of Canada’s leading registered dietitians, on a tour to learn about the southern livelihood of peanut harvesting, shelling and research. There were many highlights of the tour, which featured stops in Fitzgerald, Blakely, Dawson, Americus and Plains, Georgia, home of former U.S. President, Jimmy Carter.

One highlight, and the first stop on the tour, was a visit to the MANA (Mother Administered Nutritive Aid) manufacturing plant where guests received a tour of the facility and an overview of the important role peanut products play in underdeveloped countries from co-founder and CEO, Mark Moore.

Simply put, MANA is Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food (RUTF), and is designed specifically to treat children diagnosed with severe acute malnutrition. RUTF is peanut butter mixed with fortified milk in an easy-to-administer packet. On average, acute child malnutrition can be eradicated both conveniently and cost-effectively by consuming three packets of RUTF a day over a six-week period.

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Another highlight of the tour was a visit and dinner reception with former U.S. President, Jimmy Carter. Prior to becoming Governor of Georgia, then President of the United States, Jimmy Carter was a successful peanut farmer in Plains, Georgia. It’s safe to say President Carter helped put Plains, Georgia – and peanuts – on the global map.

newsarticle1Each year, the town of Plains hosts a peanut festival and parade where industry guests gather to celebrate peanuts and the upcoming harvest. President Carter was an important guest at the dinner reception, and addressed the town of Plains the following morning to kick-off the parade.

On their final day in Georgia, guests were treated to a special, one-on-one information session at a nearby peanut field where they had the opportunity to speak with a seasoned peanut farmer. Guests learned about the peanut farming process and were able to examine a peanut plant first-hand.

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