What’s your nutrition condition for the holidays?

In a recent article, the Winnipeg Free Press conducted a survey to help readers find out if they could be making better food choices and to check their nutrition condition. The survey included questions about sugar and fibre intake, health benefits of Greek yogurt and foods that are high in saturated fat. Of interest was a question about diet and exercise. It asked: “Which of the following would make the best meal following an intense hour-long work out?”

a) Whole-grain pasta and tomato sauce
b) Peanut butter on whole-grain toast
c) Grilled chicken breast

The answer: Peanut butter and toast. Most experts agree that you should eat within an hour or two at the latest following an intense period of exercise. This is when your body is most ready to receive the nutrients it needs to recover from what you just put it through. Your meal or snack choice should contain lower fat protein, healthy carbs and a bit of heart-healthy fat, and the peanut butter and toast option offers you all three macronutrients.

Remember these helpful tips when you’re planning your next holiday feast. Consider the right balance between healthy options, exercising and enjoying a treat here and there. It’s all about making the right food choices and what better time to test yourself than the holidays!

Source: Winnipeg Free Press, October 11, 2011