What do the 2010 US Dietary Guidelines mean For peanuts?

Patricia Kearney, Med, RD Program Director at The Peanut Institute, recently commented on what changes to the US Dietary Guidelines mean for peanuts. Every five years, a scientific committee considers the latest food science and its findings impact US Dietary Guidelines. Kearney noted the following changes that are positive for peanuts:

Peanuts are now riding high in the "protein group"
The "Meat Group" of the US Dietary Guidelines was changed to the "Protein Group" which makes sense since peanuts are so high in protein. Kearney notes that while five years ago, nuts were recognized as healthy, but they were mainly talked about in the fats and oils section.

Peanuts are now recognized as nutrient-dense instead of calorie-dense
This positive change reflects the peanut's healthy and satisfying nutrient profile.

The fats in peanuts are recognized as healthy oils that are heart healthy
There is strong movement in the nutrition community to move away from saturated solid fats to liquid oils. In her analysis Kearney notes that the oil in peanuts is recognized as heart healthy.

These changes are promising for the peanut industry as they highlight the importance and value of peanuts and peanut products as part of a healthy diet

Source: The Peanut Institute