U.S. peanut growers learn about the Canadian marketplace

November 7-9, 2012 was a busy and exciting time, as peanut farmers from Florida and Georgia travelled to Toronto to learn about the Canadian retail market and experience the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair first-hand.

During their visit, Michael Davis and John Harrell had the opportunity to partake in a Canadian marketplace overview presentation, tour various retail stores and attend the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair where they helped staff the Peanut Bureau of Canada booth to disseminate information about quality U.S. peanuts. And, of course, they paid a visit to Toronto’s iconic CN Tower.

Our guests had some encouraging things to say about their experiences:

“I was impressed with the Canadian retail stores we visited and with the quality of the products. It was also interesting to learn that Canadians have different peanut and peanut butter consumption habits than the U.S.,” said Michael Davis. “The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair was a highlight of my trip and it was great to see the hub of consumer activity at the Peanut Bureau of Canada booth.”

John Harrell said “The store visits were great. I'm from a very rural part of the U.S. and we don't have any stores that compare and are less than 200 miles away. The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair was a great surprise, especially in a modern urban city like Toronto. To have a fair in the city that can bridge rural and urban life, where people can see animals, equipment and meet some of the people that produce the food they eat is the story everyone wants to tell and hear. Peanuts and peanut butter taste great and have many nutritional benefits so they appeal to almost everyone. It's great to share those messages and give people reasons to eat peanuts more often.”