The perfectly powerful peanut

Nutritious, delicious and sustainable – that’s what U.S.-grown peanuts are. Recently, the National Peanut Board, a farmer-funded national research, promotion and education check-off program, developed an insightful PowerPoint presentation that provides the retail industry with an overview of peanut growing in the US, including the types of peanut, different peanut oils, flours and nutrition information. Part of the NPB’s Perfectly Powerful Peanut campaign, the all-mighty peanut is portrayed as a nutrition powerhouse.

The key take-away points from these fundamental peanut information resources are:

  • •   Peanuts contain more than 30 vitamins and minerals
  • •   Nothing beats a handful of peanuts a day for heart health
  • •   Plant-based protein contains seven powerful grams
  • •   Dietary guidelines recommend that we consume more plant-based protein
  • •   Peanuts are one of the most preferred nuts

Source: National Peanut Board