The Peanut Bureau of Canada announces launch of new website

The Peanut Bureau of Canada is pleased to announce the launch of its new website. Designed with a user-friendly experience and graphic presentation of information on peanuts, the new site has something for everyone.

“We thought it was timely to introduce something fresh and exciting to the online world,” says Stephanie Grunenfelder, V.P. International Marketing, American Peanut Council. “We have a wide range of visitors to our website who turn to us as an information source. General consumers, health professionals, retailers and foodservice distributors/operators all come to our site, so our goal is to provide well-rounded information to suit all our customers.”

The new website is easy-to-browse and features many points of interest for all visitors including in-depth information about the Peanut Bureau of Canada, insights into peanut nutrition, scrumptious recipes using high-quality U.S.-grown peanuts and the latest research. The site also includes digital videos and links to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

You can find the new website at Happy clicking!