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Complete News Archive 2008

Backpack snacks for hitting the trails

Whether planning to take a day trip to the local park or embark upon a cross-country family vacation, Canadians are getting ready to hit the trails this summer. For many, being away from home often creates challenges when it comes to eating healthily while on-the-go. The solution? Ensure that you are prepared with snacks that not only tempt the taste buds but also fuel the body for summertime adventures.

HO! HO! HOmemade Gifts For The Holidays

The search for that one holiday gift sure to put a smile on everyone’s face this holiday season has officially begun. And while it can be tempting to give in to quick-fix solutions such as gift cards or wrapping up yet another pair of socks, the Peanut Bureau of Canada suggests taking a more personal and thoughtful approach to gift-giving with homemade gifts from the kitchen.