Social media influence in Canada

Social media has become a preferred method of communication for many – and it’s here to stay. In fact, recent research shows that 70% of Canadians use social media and 59% use the various platforms more than once a day. Research also shows that in 2014, 89% of Canadians used Facebook, 70% used YouTube, 62% used Twitter, 55% used Linkedin, 50% used Skype, 34% used Google+, and 29% used Pinterest. That’s a lot of social activity going on in Canada!

Not only are Canadians on various social media platforms to engage with family and friends (84%), they also use it as a news and information source (64% to read about topics that are of interest; 60% to learn about news and information; and 49% to share information and ideas). Health influencers, in particular, are using social media to share news, research and opinions on health matters. Have you considered creating social media profiles to engage with clients, media and consumers?

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Source: Leger Marketing