Reaching the health-conscious consumer this season

appetizersThe holidays are around the corner, and that likely means indulging on sweets, snacks and other delicious food options. To fully enjoy those wonderful, albeit not-so-healthy sweets, snacks and treats this season, encourage consumers to balance their plate with nutritious, protein-packed peanut products.

Research has confirmed that peanuts and peanut butter provide many health and nutrition benefits. Studies show that consuming peanuts is associated with decreased stroke and heart disease risk, among many other health benefits.

Target the health-conscious shopper in-store this holiday season by highlighting the many health and nutrition benefits of peanuts and peanut butter. Here are some suggestions:

  • In-store signage that shows peanut butter with various fruits and vegetables, prompting healthy snack ideas;
  • Placing peanut butter strategically on shelves with other health food items, like whole grain cereals, steel cut oats, or organic honey;
  • Set up peanuts at end aisles near the produce department for increased visibility and association with healthy foods; and
  • Ensure all marketing materials include the many health benefits of including peanuts and peanut butter in a balanced diet.

The stores will be full of holiday shoppers in no time, and it’s important to keep peanuts top-of-mind. Finding simple ways to reach the health-conscious increases their chances of including peanut products with their seasonal groceries!