Quality USA peanuts and sustainability

More and more of us are asking questions related to where our food comes from and the conditions in which it is produced. As you and your clients or patients consider policies and practices that directly affect the food you consume, it is important to know that Quality USA peanuts are produced in accordance with sound agricultural practices.  American peanut farmers take their role and responsibility of providing an ample, high-quality and safe supply of peanuts to food manufacturers and consumers seriously. And over the years, American peanut farmers have worked hard to dramatically improve their environmentally favourable crop production practices, according to a report by the independent research firm, HIS Global Insight. The report shows major improvements in efficiencies in energy use, water use, soil erosion, land use and climate (greenhouse gases).  For consumers, these changes mean a higher quality end product produced using energy and land resources efficiently. Sustainability remains a priority to the American peanut industry, a factor important to consider when making an informed purchase of peanuts or peanut products.