Peanuts and Fall/Winter entertaining

It’s hard to believe, but fall is here and winter isn’t too far off. There is so much going on during this time of year – the new school year is in full swing, which means school teams and after-school activities, and there’s no shortage of sporting events with baseball playoffs and the beginning of hockey and football seasons. And, soon enough, the holidays will be knocking at you door to put you in the mood for entertaining.

So how do you plan to cope with all the hustle and bustle? One thing you can do is stock up on peanuts to include in your day and have on hand when guests come over for the big game or festive celebrations. They’re cost-effective, portable, versatile and most importantly, they’re a healthy source of protein and provide more than a dozen essential nutrients. They’re also cholesterol and gluten-free. Remember, peanuts can be enjoyed any time of year!