Peanuts and Entertaining

Although the patios will be closed, sports games and playoffs keep the bars and pubs busy in the fall. While French fries and chicken wings will satisfy some customers, the more sophisticated customers will be looking for a refined, healthier menu selection that will keep them energized until the end of the season.

Peanuts are a versatile ingredient. When combined with popcorn or slightly seasoned, they make a quick and delicious appetizer. They’re great as a garnish on salad or spicy Thai noodles, but also delicious in a sandwich. Peanuts are a cost-effective ingredient, full of protein and other nutrients. USA peanuts have an especially high oxidative stability index (OSI) and a high oleic acid to linoleic acid (O/L) ratio, which is linked to a longer shelf-life. Try some of our peanut-inspired snacks to help energize your fall menus. In fact, the following snacks are also perfect for holiday party munchies or make-ahead host or colleague gift. For the Second Period Munchies, simply pack the goodies in a reusable, air-tight container and dress it up with a festive ribbon or cloth material and voilà – a cost-effective, yet tasty treat anyone will love!

Second Period Munchies: Looking for a flavourful snack mix that will seduce both the sweet and savoury taste buds? Spice up the peanuts with a little sugar, chili powder, cumin, cayenne and salt, whisked in with egg white and baked. Then, stir in pretzels, banana chips, cranberries, and even dried apricots. This is a great snack for the more health-conscious customers.

Chicken Adobo & Peanut Quesadillas: Try filling the tortillas with chicken, cheese, peanuts, corn, red pepper, coriander, and adobo sauce for a nutty twist on the traditional quesadilla. This fresh quesadilla is ideal for those with a larger appetite.

Peanut Butter Hummus: This protein-rich dip is sure to be a crowd pleaser amongst your patrons. Simply blend a can of chickpeas, ¼ cup each of hot water, peanut butter and lemon juice, along with a little bit of ground cumin, salt and cayenne pepper to taste. Serve with veggies, crackers or naan.

The fall and holiday seasons are perfect times to try out new recipes for your patrons and make sure to capitalize on office holiday party planning. Why not offer a special holiday menu to entice visitors? If you need menu ideas, the Peanut Bureau of Canada has some delicious and nutty inspirations that are sure to have your customers coming back for more.

Source: Peanut Bureau of Canada