Peanut butter spread research

In an earlier edition of In a Nutshell you read all about Canadians’ love for peanuts – but what about peanut butter? This protein-packed spread was the focus of a recent survey from Erickson Research, in collaboration with the American Peanut Council, to find out how peanut butter stacks up again other spreads and pantry staples. Below are some of the highlights:

  • • What’s the most purchased spread in Canada? Peanut butter, of course! Approximately nine in 10 households have bought peanut butter in the past three months.
  • • Peanut butter is consumed an average of eight times per month, and 38% of Canadians enjoy it three or more times per week. Butter is the only spread consumed more frequently.
  • • More versatile than other nut spreads, Canadians consume peanut butter, on average, in 2.3 different ways during the day, versus less than two ways for nut spreads.
  • • In health and nutrition attributes, peanut butter rates higher than other snack spreads like honey and cream cheese. Consumers agree that peanut butter makes a good snack for adults and kids, is high in protein, and provides a quick energy boost.

While one of the most popular ways to enjoy peanut butter is spread atop bread or toast, there are many more ways to enjoy its delicious flavour while showcasing its versatility, including:


Source: Erickson Research