Peanut "better" for you

peanut butter spread on toast

Sales are up in the spread category, with consumers choosing them for convenience, versatility and taste. But what about nutrition?

In the past two years, Canadians have filled their grocery baskets with more peanut butter, jam and spreads than in years past, resulting in a 3% growth in sales dollars for the spread category. As quoted by a major peanut butter brand director in Western Grocer, this growth is being driven by the “latest trends…shifting to healthier options.” And, a quick trip down the aisle can confirm this! All-natural peanut butter is no longer niche, but made by our most beloved national brands.

Creamy peanut butter still beats out crunchy as the top peanut butter choice for Canadians, but many consumers now shop with health values as top-of-mind. Twelve percent of Canadians surveyed said they opt for all-natural or organic peanut butter, while reduced-fat varieties make up another 12% and 11% prefer no-salt alternatives. No matter which type you’re spreading atop toast, there are many benefits to making peanut butter a part of your nutrition routine. Check out these fast facts that compare peanut butter to other spreads found in Canadian cupboards:

  • • Peanut butter rates higher on health and nutrition attributes than other snack spreads, including honey, jam, cream cheese and chocolate nut spread.
  • • Canadians agree that peanut butter is a good protein source, and 33% said nutritional value is the top reason they purchase it.
  • • Younger Canadians are more likely to buy organic peanut butter and to buy from specialty or gourmet stores.


Sources: Western Grocer, Erickson Research