Nut consumption associated with better survival among long-term breast cancer survivors

handful of peanutsA recent study published in the International Journal of Cancer, “Nut consumption in association with overall mortality and recurrence/disease-specific mortality among long-term breast cancer survivors,” found high nut consumption, including peanuts and tree nuts, is associated with overall survival (OS) and a reduced risk of disease recurrence in people with breast cancer. Researchers examined the association of nut consumption at five years postdiagnosis with OS and disease-free survival (DFS) among breast cancer survivors.  According to a release from UPI, “breast cancer survivors who ate more than one-half ounce of nuts per week had five-year survival rates of up to 95% among people in the study – higher than those without nuts in their diet.” Researchers believe the benefits of nut consumption demonstrated in this study could be extended to other cancer survivors, however, more research is needed.