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The PBC posts news on subjects pertaining to peanut industry updates including farmer and manufacturer issues, food safety, nutrition research and recipes.

PB4H: Nourishing the world, one peanut at a time

There are an estimated 16 million children globally under the age of five affected by severe acute malnutrition, according to UNICEF. Peanut Butter for the Hungry (PB4H) is a direct response to this global issue.

Summer Merchandising: Peanuts are a powerful snack

Peanuts are perfect to market in the summer season, when consumers are looking for quick and easy snacks. They’re portable, cost-effective, and packed full of nutrition to carry you throughout the day.

Spring recipes for shoppers: Protein power

Help shoppers take their spring cooking to the next level by suggesting these protein-rich recipes to whip up this season. Spring is in the air and peanuts are on the plate; with the weather warming up, we’re ready to get out there and start moving!

Nutrition News: 2019 is the Year of the Food Guide!

On January 22, Health Canada launched the new Canada’s Food Guide and it’s definitely different from all the past versions. Here’s a summary of what’s new and what’s still to come.

Allergy Update: Canadian Paediatric Society: Offer allergens to babies early

The Canadian Paediatric Society has released new guidance that encourages parents to start feeding “high-risk” infants common allergy-causing foods as soon as they start solid food.

Health News: Experts say less beef is good for you and the environment

Limiting red meat in favour of a plant-based diet may not only benefits your body, but also the environment.

Consumer Research: Snapshot of 2018 Canadian peanut consumption data

Canadians have spoken! The Peanut Bureau of Canada has conducted its annual market research study, and the love for peanuts and peanut butter continues to grow in Canadian households.

Sheet pan simplicity

Easy and delicious one-pan meals for fall.

Health News: How to take a bite out of stress

Food should not be a source of stress, rather one of your stress-reducing tools. A healthy and balanced diet will do your body good on the stress scale, but there are some specific things you should look at adding to your diet that can help ease tension.

Nutrition News: Meat-heavy, low-carb diets can ‘shorten lifespan’: study

According to a new study, low-carb diets favouring animal protein and fat sources are associated with higher mortality; those that favour plant-derived protein and fat are associated with lower mortality.

Consumer Research: Snacking continues upward trend for Canadian consumers

The results are in: according to a recent report, Canadians are snacking more between meals. Check out the stats on when and why we're reaching for the munchies.

Marketing and Merchandising: How to feed the health-conscious tailgater

Tailgating season is upon us, but consumers are craving healthier options to munch on during the game. Find out how peanuts can fit into the mix.