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The PBC posts news on subjects pertaining to peanut industry updates including farmer and manufacturer issues, food safety, nutrition research and recipes.

Health and Nutrition Corner: Quest for peanut allergy threshold – getting closer to answering “how much is too much”

By Dr. Andrew Craig, American Peanut Council Health Consultant

Nobody in the peanut industry likes “may contain” precautionary stickers which are too often plastered all over products just in case they may be contaminated by traces of peanut protein. Peanut allergic consumers dislike them too and the evidence is that overuse is confusing, anxiety-producing and, worse, encourages disregard and risk-taking.

Peanuts and entertaining: Edible gifts and holiday recipe ideas

The possibilities are endless when it comes to cooking with peanuts and peanut butter, especially during the holiday season. As a cost-effective and healthy holiday choice, peanuts and peanut butter are staple items to have on hand. Not only a great ingredient for appetizers and main dishes, they’ll provide all the energy the party planner needs to get through holiday party and dinner preparations. 

Effective social media marketing and merchandising

Ramping up marketing efforts for the holiday season is essential in the retail world. While traditional marketing strategies are still valuable, many retailers have shifted their marketing efforts to social media to gain a competitive advantage. 

Consumer trend alert: Consumers choosing more healthy packaged foods

According to the International Food Informational Council (IFIC) 2014 Food and Health Survey, conducted in the U.S. in March and April 2014, the healthfulness of food and beverage products is increasingly important. Now, more than ever, shoppers are considering health benefits when filling up their grocery carts.

Allergy Update: Impressive results from Cambridge STOP II Peanut Oral Immunotherapy Trial reported

By: Dr. Andrew Craig, APC Health Consultant

More evidence has emerged that oral immunotherapy (OIT) is a very promising therapy for food allergy and for stopping peanut allergy in children in particular. A research team at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge (UK) reported recently in The Lancet on the STOP II trial of peanut OIT in 99 children with all severities of clinically-confirmed peanut allergy, aged 7-16.¹

Peanut butter may lower risks of breast disease and later breast cancer

Here’s some really good news to spread around. A large and powerful prospective epidemiology study published in the September 2013 issue of Breast Cancer Research and Treatment found that American girls consuming peanut butter, peanuts and other nuts may reduce their risks for developing benign breast disease (BBD) when they are young women in their ‘20s. Even better news is that their risks in later life of developing breast cancer may also fall significantly.

Peanuts and Entertaining

 Although the patios will be closed, sports games and playoffs keep the bars and pubs busy in the fall. While French fries and chicken wings will satisfy some customers, the more sophisticated customers will be looking for a refined, healthier menu selection that will keep them energized until the end of the season.

Crunchy and creamy reasons to cook with peanut butter

Whether crunchy or smooth, on a slice of toast for breakfast or in a wrap with chicken and veggies, added to a spicy Thai peanut dressing or smothered on graham crackers with marshmallows, there are so many ways peanut butter can be used to spice up your menu.

Eating healthy at work

It’s not easy for busy Canadians to maintain a healthy diet with their long work hours and lack of time to cook or prepare meals at home. More and more Canadians are looking for quick and healthy dining options, and are relying on the restaurant industry to provide some guidance.

The humble peanut: A versatile ingredient, or tasty all by itself


Peanuts have been a fan favourite for years, but do you know about their important walk through history? Today, many enjoy roasted peanuts at the ball game, a classic PB&J for lunch or even as a new beer flavour (yes, this is now a thing!), but the peanut’s vital role in Southern agricultural history dates back to the early 1900s with inventor George Washington Carver.

Tracking nutrition trends – an update on Canadians’ eating habits

Since 1989, the Tracking Nutrition Trends (TNT) nutrition study has been following the self-reported food/nutrition knowledge, attitudes and behaviours of Canadians. The 2013 survey results have recently been released.

The history of peanuts and peanut butter

Peanut plants have been growing in South America since 1500 BCE. In Peru, peanuts were highly valued – so much so that the Incans of Peru used them as a sacrificial offering and entombed them with mummies to help their deceased relatives in their spirit life.