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Health News: Healthy fats in nuts

In September 2021, a University of Toronto study determined that even though they’re full-fat snacks, moderate nut consumption isn’t associated with weight gain. The research provides evidence that long-standing concerns about nuts and weight gain are unwarranted.

Nutrition News: Food insecurity and its nutritional impacts

Food prices and the cost of other necessities in Canada are predicted to continue to rise through 2022. This will further impact already high grocery bills, which could lead to increased growth in food insecurity, suggests Canada’s Food Price Report 2022.

Allergy Update: Awareness through signs, symptoms and treatment

Food Allergy Canada recently launched a new campaign called Know it. Treat it. to raise awareness and encourage action around taking the fear and unknown out of anaphylaxis. The campaign uses real-life stories and personal experiences from Canadians across the country to connect with audiences.

Consumer Research: Canadian consumption habits

Canadians have spoken – their love of peanuts and peanut butter continues on! The Peanut Bureau of Canada has conducted its annual market research study, and the love for peanuts and peanut butter continues to grow in Canadian households.

Affordable eating

With the continued rise in food prices, Canadians are changing their shopping behaviours. At the top of their grocery wish list is affordability. Grocery bills are becoming more expensive with each shopping trip, with runaway inflation and difficult choices at checkout.