New study finds link between daily consumption of peanuts and peanut butter, and cognitive function in young adults

woman working on laptopA new study out of the University of Barcelona published in the journal, Clinical Nutrition, found that daily consumption of peanuts and peanut butter may improve cognitive function and stress responses in young adults. According to an article from the University of Barcelona, the study looked at a “group of 63 healthy people aged between 19 and 33, who included a regular portion of peanut products in their daily [meals].” Researchers used “cognitive tests and analytical tests related to biochemical indicators of stress response (such as cortisol)” to measure cognitive function and stress response.

The study concluded that peanut consumption in this group increased levels of “faecal short chain fatty acids… long chain saturated fatty acids and certain polyphenols,” all of which are related to several health benefits. What’s more, is that researchers did not find a difference between the consumption of peanuts or peanut butter. This study is ground-breaking in that it’s the first of its kind to focus on a healthy young adult rather than a population who is older, or overweight and obese, or suffers from chronic illness or disease, where it’s easier to observe beneficial change.


Source: Clinical Nutrition Journal