New peanut and peanut butter trends

We all know peanuts are one of the healthiest and most cost-effective snack options available. What you might not know is the extent to which peanuts are researched and studied. As one of the most popular snacking items worldwide, much attention is paid to learning more about what consumers desire in a quality snack item.

Mintel, an award-winning consumer marketing intelligence company, recently released their 2008 - 2011 research findings about snacking trends at the 2012 International Peanut Forum. Of noteworthy importance to foodservice operators are new peanut flavours and trends that are emerging. It shows that nuts are the second most active snacking category worldwide. Here are a few additional findings:

The nutrition of nuts continues to be championed
Consumers are continuing to look for healthier snack options
Premium launches have been growing across all snack categories
Overview-of-Nut-Product-Innovations-Mintel-17Expanding moments of consumption, e.g. at the gym, pub, etc. (offering foodservice distributors and foodservice establishments with unique sales and placement opportunities)
Extending the concept of “energy” products beyond bars and drinks – potential tie-in with nutrition and educational opportunities at gyms, sports clubs, etc.
“Natural” and “convenience” remain the most important claims
As for the taste profile, peanut flavour development can add excitement to foodservice sector snack offerings. Research shows that Asian flavours continue to be popular, as patrons are looking to experiment with flavours from overseas. Sweet and salty flavours continue to be seen across all snacking categories. The chart on the right shows the peanut flavours from 2008 - 2011. Are you offering your patrons the peanut flavour profiles that best positions and complements your business?