Moms and mobiles: Shopping insights

moms on her cellphone in the grocery store

The days of paper grocery lists and coupon booklets are in the rear-view mirror. Instead, today’s shoppers use digital flyers that have been carefully pre-selected and uniquely curated based on their needs, shopping patterns and current sales.

And why not? Family decision makers are looking to their mobile devices to help plan their grocery lists and make more cost-efficient, convenient decisions that meet their needs.

From online grocery delivery to price-matching apps, the way we grocery shop has been moving into the digital space. A recent survey from BabyCenter evaluated the shopping habits of more than 1,000 moms and found that they are completing the purchase cycle on their mobile devices more than ever.

  • • 64% of moms use their smartphones to compare prices before setting foot in the grocery store; another 59% research deals or download coupons.
  • • Mobile usage spikes in-store, as 70% of moms report using their phones in the aisle to download coupons, find better prices or read reviews from other connected consumers.
  • • 73% of moms surveyed visited a retailer or shopping site on their mobile device.

With this shift in focus from in-store, printed information to digital shopping, consumers will be able to price compare, check in-store availability and make purchases from the comfort of their homes. They'll be able to find their favourite brand of peanut butter nearby, at the cheapest price, with the swipe of a finger. Talk about convenience for mobile mothers!


Source: Adweek