Menus, Marketing and Merchandising: Marketing campaigns with summer sizzle

Looking to put some sizzle in summer sales? With some strategic thinking and quick planning, you can generate new business just in time for the summer to heat up.

Menus, Marketing and Merchandising Piggy-back off real and fake holidays: If you don’t already have one, create a promotional calendar that’s tailored to the summer months. For example, National Ice Cream Day, National Chocolate Day, National Bacon Day, or National Peanut Butter Day where you can consider giving away relevant merchandise or on-the-house treats in recognition of the holiday.

Create a loyalty app: Consider creating a loyalty program to reward your customers for their patronage during the year. With a little research, you can find and partner with online food apps to encourage visitors to check-in to your restaurant, store or shop. For example, Belly or LevelUp. Loyalty programs can be used to target members to receive instant discount coupons or loyalty program points for a free bag of in-shell peanuts. This can enable retailers to add shopper value while increasing loyalty program interest by offering a healthy and nut’ritious product through redemption of membership points.

Join Instagram and get snappin’: Instagram is home to beautiful food photography, so join the party! Stage a DIY photoshoot on-site and capture beautiful photos of food displays to post on the popular social media site. Create a popular hashtag so your good food ideas can be spread around.

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