Marketing & Merchandising

After another successful year, the results are in and it’s no surprise that Canadians love their peanuts and peanut butter. According to recent research completed by Leger Marketing, peanut consumption in Canada remains high, indicating the peanut products are a staple in Canadian homes. Read on for some food for thought about peanuts and peanut butter:

  • • 94 per cent of Canadians have peanuts or peanut butter in their household.
  • • 95 per cent of Canadians consume peanuts at least every few months.
  • • 58 per cent of Canadians consume peanuts or peanut butter weekly or more often.
  • • 81 per cent of Canadian males and 79 per cent of Canadian females consume peanuts or peanut butter.
  • • 63 per cent of Canadians who consume peanut butter spread it on toast, bread, bagels or English muffins.
  • • 54 per cent of Canadians who consume peanuts do so during the day; 42.4 per cent of Canadians who consume peanuts do so at night.
  • • Of the 54 per cent who eat peanuts during the day, 23.1 per cent eat it in the morning; 30.6 per cent eat it in the afternoon.
  • • Of the 42 per cent of Canadians who eat peanuts at night, 2.55 per cent do so at dinner; 39.9 per cent do so in the evening.
  • • 91 per cent of Canadians who consume peanuts and peanut butter think peanuts and peanut butter is a healthy snack or food choice.

Now that the popularity of peanuts is top-of-mind, let’s review some merchandising strategies so you can capitalize on sales throughout the year.

Display peanuts close to the checkout: As an ideal – and healthy – snack food, they’re often bought on impulse. You may also want to consider adding some new convenience-packed SKUs for grab-and go shoppers, for example package of 150 grams or less. These high-impulse listings will generate increased sales, gross profit margin percentages and bottom line contribution dollars.

A natural fit in the produce and bulk food departments: Display with fruits and vegetables, offer peanut butter recipe samples to attract shoppers, but be mindful of the necessary food safety measures. Peanut butter is a great option for dipping with apples and celery. Using peanut butter as a dip will help fight obesity, as opposed to spreading fruits and vegetables with high-fat cheese spreads or sugary caramel dips.

Don’t forget about the ethnic food category: Cross-market peanuts with international foods, such as Asian and Latin-inspired dishes.

Holiday baking: Cross-market peanuts in the baking aisle to expand holiday displays and product offerings during Easter, summer-time holidays and Thanksgiving. Or, simply do it because peanuts make a healthy, convenient and delicious snack any time of the year!