Marketing and Merchandising: The future of grocery retail

Online retailRetail is going digital – groceries included. According to a recent study by the Food Marketing Institute and Nielsen, 70% of grocery shoppers will do part of their shopping online within the next five to seven years. While this online trend may differ slightly in some Canadian markets, it still rings true that people are looking to spend less time in stores and are increasingly seeking out online retailer options.

In this opinion piece by Deepak Chopra, CEO of Canada Post, he talks about the opportunities and challenges that retailers face when going digital. Massive shifts in demographics, the millennial push, and advances in technology are creating new opportunities for retailers to expand online, but only if they can pivot their business appropriately.

Canadian grocers may face additional challenges, however, due to geography. With cities so far away from each other, retailers face logistical and cost challenges when shipping fresh foods that may limit online order deliveries to urban areas.