Marketing and merchandising

Summer has arrived and so have our appetites! Consumers are already thinking everything outdoors – barbeques, sporting events, camping and much more. Summer is a high-traffic shopping time of year when retail customers are out to browse and buy.

To be prepared for the summer rush (and heat!), check out our merchandising tips to help put some sizzle in your sales.

  • Be visual and visible: The appearance and environment in a retail setting is important to customers, so take some time to set up some unique and highly-visible displays that showcase the versatility of in-shell peanuts. This may help generate incremental sales.
  • Be creative: Based on recent findings from Erickson Research, peanuts are the second most-preferred snack, next to potato chips (66% and 60%) respectively. With this knowledge, consider tying in a wing display of in-shell peanuts beside potato chip displays to show a healthier option.
  • Offer a takeaway: More than ever, customers are health-conscious shoppers who take opportunities to learn about healthy food options for their families. Consider creating a brochure or handout that includes relevant health information. We all know the health benefits of peanuts and peanut butter, so let's spread the wealth!
  • Personalized offers: In a recent article from, personalized (digital, targeted e-couponing) offers redemption rates soar high above the industry average and can help generate significantly more revenue. At the same time, they help build shopper loyalty, which is of growing importance, particularly as millennials begin to grow up and start shopping. Unlike Boomers who still highly value print ads, millennials particularly have embraced electronic communications as their preferred communications vehicle. Consider flash sales, mobile applications, use of indoor location technology and social media to highlight and promote Quality U.S.A. (in-shell) peanuts potentially coinciding with major Canadian sporting events being conducted in your marketplace(s) e.g., Pan-Am and Parapan Games, CFL Football, Blue Jays Baseball, etc. The sales results will be impressive on this high gross margin item!

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