How millennial moms are shopping healthier

Certified organic, gluten-free, low sugar – these aren’t just product buzzwords, they’re attributes that millennial moms are increasing looking for in the foods they serve themselves and their kids. Nine out of 10 millennial moms say they’re preparing healthy lunch boxes for their child(ren), and another 60% say their lunchbox contents are quite different from the fare they were served as a child.

Millennial moms say they prioritize nutrition (88%) over price (65%) and convenience (52%) when it comes to planning and prepping school lunches. Freshness and taste also take top spots, while concern around keeping lunch offerings gluten-free is a lesser priority at 8%. Low sugar (43%) is of greater importance than low fat (19%), and approximately one-third say they aim for organic offerings.

But, where are moms going for help to make more nutrition-wise decisions? Word-of-mouth and recommendations are still important, but in-store decision-making also plays a major role. More than 60% say their primary source of nutritional information comes from reading nutrition labels on the products they purchase. Lagging behind internet searching is professional advice from doctors (20%) and dietitians or nutritionists (18%).

If millennial moms are putting their money where their mouths are, how are they stocking their cupboards? Here’s a list of the top foods they viewed as healthy choices:

  • • Yogurt (87%)
  • • Cheese (82%)
  • • Cereal or granola (72%)
  • • Juice boxes (70%)
  • • Peanut butter (67%)
  • • Dried fruits (54%)
  • • Milk (51%)
  • • Nuts (49%)


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