Health and Nutrition Update: PB as a bedtime snack

Peanut butter and peanutsFor years, dietitians have said eating before bed is a huge no-no – well, unless it’s peanut butter! Studies show that people who eat a protein before bed have better muscle recovery, strength, and overall health. This article on Foods 4 Better Health lists four legit reasons everyone should grab a spoonful before saying goodnight:

1. Helps Manage Weight: Studies show that eating nuts help with weight management, and women who consume nuts have a lower risk of weight gain.

2. Helps You Sleep: An amino acid found in carbs called tryptophan helps release serotonin, which calms your brain, allowing for sleep to takeover.

3. Prevents Late-Night Cravings: Night time snacking increases weight gain, so if you must eat before you sleep, the fiber-rich peanut butter is the way to cut your cravings while satisfying your hunger.

4. Helps Build Muscle: Studies show that consuming proteins (such as a spoonful of PB) before bed promotes muscle growth, as muscles repair and replenish while we sleep.