Health and Nutrition Update: Pass the nuts and eat more veggies, but hold the bacon and sugary drinks most of the time

Health and Nutrition UpdateIn a recent edition of the American Peanut Council’s monthly newsletter, Dr. Andrew Craig, American Peanut Council Contributor, discussed the results of a study from Tufts University that looked at the associations between eating too much of some things, but not enough of others. Of interest is that nuts and seeds appear prominently in the “eat more” lists compared to processed meats and sugar-sweetened beverages.

To learn more about this study, specifically what foods can and should be targeted to consumers to contribute to a healthy and balanced diet, and the role peanuts and peanut butter can play, click here for the complete article.  


Ref: Micha R, et al, 2017. “Association Between Dietary Factors and Mortality From Heart Disease, Stroke, and Type 2 Diabetes in the United States” JAMA;317(9):912-924. doi:10.1001/ jama.2017.0947