Grocers, gear up for back-to-school

Marketing and merchandising during the back-to-school season is top-of-mind for office supply companies and clothing retailers. But what about grocers? Check out these top tips to help increase purchases, keep customers in store longer and provide a pleasant shopping experience:

 Door displays at grocery store

Door displays

Hook shoppers once they’re in the door, but don’t overwhelm them. Have a clear space in the doorway to help customers get situated – putting kids in carts, finding their grocery list, etc. The first display should feature your newest products, so think about seasonality and purchase price. The customer is already there to get what they need, so show them what they want. Displaying items with varying heights is visually appealing, while providing a breadth of products makes it easier for customers to pick up items on their way in.

Group similar items together: Ants on a log snack

Group similar items together

We already know that grouping all of one product works well in grocery stores. For special back-to-school displays, consider arranging products that are all used together. Put peanut butter and raisins (or chocolate chips for those with a sweet tooth) in the produce section with celery as a nod to the classic after-school snack: ants on a log.

heart healthy fats sign on peanuts

Put words to it

To highlight key ingredients and purchases, place easy-to-read colourful signage to draw the customer’s eye. In the produce department, add fun facts to kid-friendly fruits and vegetables, particularly those that are locally grown. In the aisles, highlight nutrition facts such as the amount of protein in a serving of peanut butter, or the fibre in oatmeal.

Grocery store cooking class

Make it interactive

If your store has an event space, take advantage of this retail real estate by hosting drop-in cooking classes for kids and parents. You can start by compiling recipes from your in-store dietitians and favourite brands, ensuring that the products used in the recipes are stocked on your shelves. As a bonus, add these recipes to your website or social media presence for participants to print.

Snack-sized packs of peanut and fruit trail mix

Grab-and-go check-out staples

The back-to-school season is a busy one for moms and dads. As customers sometimes spend more time in the check-out line than any other department, place grab-and-go displays with shelf-stable items here to encourage last-minute purchases. These can include pantry staples like peanut packs, trail mix, granola bars and crackers that customers are likely to stock up on if the price is right.


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