Consumer Trends: What health claims are shoppers really seeking?

Grocery shoppingWhen shopping for ‘better-for-you’ snacks, calorie and fat content remain the primary drivers for consumer purchases. In studying consumer purchases through in-store and at-home videos and surveys, market research firm Nailbiter observed that, on average, consumers observe roughly 40 claims that may influence their purchasing decision. However, in the end their final purchase is based on calorie and fat content.

Using this information, it’s imperative to market peanuts to consumers in a manner that emphasizes their heart-healthy monounsaturated fats. These healthy fats are recommended by dietitians as part of a balanced, healthy diet.

Product packaging has a huge impact on how consumers view ‘better-for-you’ products; two-thirds of shoppers read claims on the front of pack, while nearly half read claims on the back of the package. This means manufacturers need to use this space to effectively outline the health benefits of peanuts and peanut butter, specifically the healthy fats.

Bonus: An equally important purchase driver is labelling though country of origin associations, with the U.S. serving as Canada’s most trusted source for imported products. Tap into this by including a Quality USA Peanut logo or “Product of USA” label on products so consumers know where their peanuts are coming from!


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