Consumer Research: From B to Z - How to promote the powerful peanut

senior and teenAs a dietitian, you likely meet people from different walks of life with various needs and wants. The PBC has recapped the four most influential generations, providing some insight on the behaviours and motivations of each. This should help you identify how you can educate your patients and clients on the importance of including peanut protein as part of their healthy diet.

The Boomers (Age: 55-74)

Still the largest generation in Canada, Boomers have a high life expectancy and spending power. They are a generation of peanut lovers – people aged 65 and older are 5% more likely to consumer peanuts.
Key message: Peanuts are a versatile and cost-effective snack to keep you going all day.

Generation X (Age: 41-54)

While small in numbers, Gen Xers are working hard and possess the highest median household income. They are the balanced generation: not as traditional as the Boomers, not as adventurous as Millennials. Function, health and familiarity are important pillars to this generation.
Key message: Peanuts and peanut butter are pantry staples. Not only are they economical, tasty and nutritious options to ramp up your protein intake, but they are also extremely versatile.

Millennials or Gen Y (Age: 24-40)

As millennials enter parenthood, they now influence the little ones in the household. Millennial parents are motivated by health, convenience and experience. Remind them that peanuts are a protein-packed, portable option that their kids will love. 
Key message: Peanuts are a healthy, nutritious, portable and sustainable food, and early introduction to babies can help prevent the development of allergies.

Generation Z (Age: 23 and younger)

Gen Zers are in one of two stages: current student or about to enter the workforce. They’re looking for easy, cost-effective snacks, but they won’t compromise their values. Sustainability is extremely important to this growing generation, so highlight the positive environmental impact of peanuts to help nurture their love for this little legume. 
Key message: Peanuts and peanut butter are student staples, and for good reason: they are economical, sustainable, tasty and nutritious.