Consumer Research: Canadian consumption habits

cracking open peanutCanadians have spoken – their love of peanuts and peanut butter continues on! The Peanut Bureau of Canada has conducted its annual market research study, and the love for peanuts and peanut butter continues to grow in Canadian households. See below for some consumption highlights from 2021:

  • Overall peanut consumption stayed consistent at 95% in 2021
  • Overall peanut butter consumption in Canadian households remains high year-over-year, at 93%
  • 63% of Canadians report heavy peanut butter consumption (at least once per week), up from 60% in 2020
  • Nearly all Canadian households consume peanuts:
    • 95% of households eat peanuts at least every few months
    • 40% eat peanuts at least once per week
    • 55% of households have peanuts on-hand
  • Nearly all Canadian households consume peanut butter:
    • 93% of households consume peanut butter at least every few months
    • 63% eat peanut butter at least once per week
    • 86% of households have peanut butter on-hand
    • 79% say peanut butter is a staple in their pantry
  • Of those Canadians who eat peanuts, 16% consume them in the morning, 64% in the afternoon, 13% at dinner and 49% in the evening
  • The preferred time to eat peanut butter is at breakfast (63%), followed by snacks (41%), lunch (39%) and dinner (12%)
  • Over a quarter of Canadians (26%) say they consume peanut butter on its own, right out of the jar
  • 65% of Canadians regularly snack on peanuts, making them the second most preferred snack food, after chips (71%)
  • 1 in 5 Canadians (20%) prefer peanuts over all other snacks
  • During the COVID-19 pandemic, peanut and peanut butter consumption increased amongst 17% and 16% of Canadians, respectively


Source: Erickson Research, 2022