Consumer Insights: Trending trail mix

conins trendtrail 400Whether hiking along a great Canadian trail, finalizing a report at the office, or anywhere in between, trail mix is that salty-sweet snack that can curb hunger anytime – especially when peanuts are included.

According to Euromonitor, as reported by Bakery and Snacks, consumers are nuts for seeds. Trail mixes are growing in popularity and are a perfect snack for the office, after school or gym that will help keep you fuller for longer. So, what contributes to trail mix’s world-wide popularity? Euromonitor suggests it’s the healthy option when snacking, with less sugar than chips or cookie options.

Why not suggest clients try building their own customized trail mix blends. Think U.S. peanuts (flavoured, coated, salted or unsalted) blended with Smarties or M&Ms and dried fruit such as cranberries, raisins, figs, prunes or blueberries. Take it a step further and add granola or pretzel bites – customized trail mix blends are endless!

Check out the Peanut Bureau of Canada’s Trail Mix 3 Ways video for some inspiration: