Canadians' peanut consumption habits

One thing we know about Canadians, is that they love peanut butter! A January 2011 study conducted by Leger Marketing that looked at peanut and peanut butter consumption habits across the country found that one in 10 Canadians is consuming peanuts daily (11 per cent), while weekly usage has increased to two in five (39 per cent). In addition, the number of Canadians who say they never consume peanuts remains low at only five per cent. Interestingly, those with children under 18 in the house are more likely to consume peanut butter every day. So who are the primary consumers? They are middle-aged men and women from age 40-54 years old.

Peanuts are consumed most frequently as an evening snack while peanut butter is generally consumed at breakfast.

From a health perspective, 90 per cent of Canadians surveyed consider peanut butter a healthy food.

These insights will be important to consider from a marketing and merchandising perspective. Knowing who your key customers are and when they are most likely to consume peanut and peanut butter products will make it easy to create appealing displays and promotions.