Backpack snacks for hitting the trails

Peanut Bureau of Canada offers snacking tips for families on-the-go

Whether planning to take a day trip to the local park or embark upon a cross-country family vacation, Canadians are getting ready to hit the trails this summer. For many, being away from home often creates challenges when it comes to eating healthily while on-the-go. The solution? Ensure that you are prepared with snacks that not only tempt the taste buds but also fuel the body for summertime adventures.

“Snacking is important to keeping energy levels up and spirits high, especially when families are active and on the move,” says Registered Dietitian, Sue Mah. “Instead of reaching for the pre-packaged snacks or candy while on the road, parents should pack snacks that are not only flavourful but also able to fill active children’s tummies, not to mention their own.”

Whether a back-packer, day-hiker, canoeist, car camper, or any other type of outdoor enthusiast, Mah, in partnership with the Peanut Bureau of Canada, offers the following tips for healthy snacking while trekking on the trails:

Plan ahead– With a little preparation, you can plan to pack healthy options rather than stopping at convenience stores and drive-throughs where less healthy choices can easily sneak into your backpack. Grapes, cherries, apple slices, and peanuts all make great take-along snacks. Instead of a grabbing store-bought energy bars on your next hike, try making your own Peanut Power Balls or Get-trekking Double Peanut Cookies.

Portability– Packing snacks that will fit well into a backpack or small cooler bag is important. Use re-sealable, airtight containers to help keep food fresh. Think about taking along single serving size versions of snacks in wax paper, twisting each end to close. Not only will each family member be able to carry their own snack but it is also easy for both big and little hands to grab and carry.

Food safety – Consider packing snacks that won’t spoil easily in the sun and outdoor heat (such as peanuts, peanut butter sandwiches). Freezing a tetra pak of juice will not only be a cold refreshing beverage when needed but is also serves as a freezer pack to keep food items cold during the trek.

Variety– Depending on the length of your travels, take along a variety of snacks that can be eaten throughout the day. Including an assortment of healthy treats for the trails not only will deliver the nutrition needed to maintain your energy but also ensure that no one gets bored with their snacks.

“Just because you are heading out for the day doesn’t mean you need to leave nutrition behind,” says Mah. “Stay energized by taking along peanuts in re-sealable containers or sprinkling them into a pre-made trail mix. Peanuts provide a sure-fire way for families and those on-the-go to boost their energy. And all you need is a handful to keep hunger at bay!”