Australian researchers find probiotics may offer possible cure to peanut allergy

Recently, researchers in Australia have produced promising results that a possible cure for peanut allergies is on the way. Their research study consisted of 28 children and involved giving children with a diagnosed peanut allergy a small dose of the peanut protein along with the probiotic Lactobacillus rhamnosus.  This particular bacteria is commonly used in yogurts, semi-hard cheeses, and pasteurized milk.

The results of the study proved to be statistically significant:

  • • 82% or 23 of the children of the children were able to consume small doses of peanut protein without showing any adverse reaction
  • • 23 of the 28 children were able to eat peanuts without any harmful effects after their two-to-five week trial was completed
  • • Those who reacted well to the probiotic were able to have their peanut tolerance last up to five weeks.

A follow up study will be performed to see how long the effects of the treatment last.

Source: ECanadaNow